Either you found this website by yourself or it was recommended to you by a friend, you’re probably asking yourself why you would become our patient. Here's why:

  • Fair prices
  • Treatment quality standard
  • Young team
  • Easy road access and flight connections

If you wish to become our patient you should complete the online form.

How the first visit will occur ?

We recommend you begin with a comprehensive examination. At this first appointment, you meet with your dentist. He performs a visual and tactile inspection of your teeth, gums, head and neck, and reviews your general health. Based on his examination, and your current needs and lifestyle, your dentist crafts a long term plan for your dental health and he explains it to you. Then you discuss the treatment options available and have your questions answered. Computer aided images are available as a valuable tool.

We do not support the unreasonable prolongation of proceedings and excessive delay in carrying through with your dental treatment, but we always keep in mind our goal to provide high-quality treatment without making any compromises.

We use only the finest materials and most current techniques, customizing each procedure we perform around the individual needs and goals of our patients. Above all else, we value your comfort, safety, health, and overall satisfaction.

  • If you live in Cluj and wish to become our patient you should call us at 0264 42 41 91 and schedule an initial visit or complete the online form. Ms. Raluca Pop, our receptionist, will help you with all the information you need to make an appointment to meet one of the MB Dental dentists.
  • If you live in some other part of the country or abroad and wish to become our patient you should fill in the contact/online appointments field at our website (in the Comments field you should provide us with detailed information about your dental problems). We will reply as soon as possible providing you with our specialists’ solutions and if necessary, ask for some more information from you (radiographs, pictures, your treatment recordings). Next, we will decide your treatment steps and the number of appointments during your time in Cluj-Napoca.

We can also provide you with assistance on your arrival and accommodation in Cluj-Napoca. The following websites can be useful to you if you are thinking about coming to Cluj-Napoca:

Furthermore, there are a lot of hotels in our dental office area: