Orthodontic brackets

  • Fixed orthodontic brackets

    Fixed orthodontic brackets - when are they necessary and how are they done


Orthodontist specialist doctors can treat your malocclusion and malposition problems (incorrect mouth closing and incorrect positioning of teeth) with the help of orthodontic brackets, fixed or movable.


  • Better impressive esthetic effect
  • Increased mastication effect
  • Teeth are easier to wash and clean, so caries are prevented
  • Eliminate the over-solicitation of the temporomandibular joint which can lead to pains, cracks
  • The bite between the two jaws is uniformed
  • Reduced abnormal solicitation of certain teeth which, thus, begin to move in time.

Who needs orthodontic treatment?

Statistic research show that 15 - 71% of those between 5 - 20 years old need orthodontic treatment with fixed brackets.

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How long does an orthodontic treatment last?

On average, 1 - 2 years:
severe cases: 2 - 4 years
light cases: several months

All throughout this period, the orthodontist doctor will monitor you on a monthly basis and will adapt the treatment depending on results.