Parodontal treatment

  • What is parodontal treatment?

    What is parodontal treatment?


Healthy gums can inflame because of the accumulation of dental tophus which, if not removed in time through depuration and professional brushing, leads to the resolving of the bone underneath, in which teeth are rooted, and the latter become increasingly mobile, thus being lost.

Signs of inflamed gums:

  • bleeding at brushing or mastication
  • redder, more tumid and lustrous
  • itching sensation

Signs requiring immediate treatment

  • Bad breadth (halitosis)
  • Teeth mobility
  • Teeth movement and emerging gaps
  • Teeth root is visible due to receding gum
  • Dental sensitivity in areas where the gum uncovered the tooth root

Parodontal and preventive treatments offered by parodontists and oral surgeons keep your gums healthy and stop or slow down the evolution of the parodontal illness to teeth loss:

  • Scaling by ultrasounds and professional brushing

    Tooth cleaning of tophus deposits located on the tooth crown, both in the visible area, over-gingival, sub-gingival

  • Radicular planning

    Cleaning of the surface of the dental root and its finishing so as to remove roughness. Done with special raspatories, depending on the localization of the tooth.

  • Application of disinfecting substances

    Infiltrations in gingival channels and parodontal bags in ordet to destroy bacteria affecting the gum’s health.

  • Surgeries with flap and bone addition

    Repositioning of gums on the tooth and addition of artificial bone